Outsourcing your IT. Is it worth IT?

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Outsourcing your IT. Is it worth IT?

If you work for yourself, run a business or are an entrepreneur with multiple companies your time is important and limited. So why spend it on anything other than your business? We see so many business owners attempt to keep technology and IT in-house, either having a go themselves or assigning it to a member of staff that wears the “IT hat”. Often, they don’t value technology and don’t invest in getting it right. This is a pretty much a guaranteed route to failure for businesses of today and of the future.

Why take the jump?

If you’re not a surgeon, you wouldn’t perform a heart bypass, If you’re not an architect, you wouldn’t design a skyscraper, and if you’re not a pilot, you wouldn’t fly commercial jets – so why attempt to design, implement and support technology for your business? Today technology is one of the most important, if not THE most important factor to allow businesses to operate, grow and stay ahead of their competition.

Even if you are lucky enough have an internal IT person or department, your business and staff are there to add value to your clients, not to spend time researching, learning, implementing and supporting the latest tech. Technology is moving too fast for you to give 100% to your business and to utilise technology adequately. So why else should you find a reliable partner?

IT support.

If you’re the ‘go to’ person for IT and Technology Support, or you’re reliant on a single in-house member of staff, what happens when you are not available? Out of the office, off sick or on holiday? Are you protected? With a technology partner, you can sleep at night knowing they are monitoring and supporting your business

A ready-made expert team. 

As your business grows, so will your technology and the need to ensure it is kept ahead of industry standards. With this, comes the need for more technical know-how and support. The first thought is to hire technical staff in-house, but as you grow so will the need for a larger technical department. Soon after comes the need for Technical Managers and Directors. Before you know it, you have a large HR and recruitment nightmare that is only going to grow.

Training and Accreditations.

To stay at the top of your game in the fast-moving world of business and technology, continual investment is needed to keep technical qualifications, training & accreditations relevant.  Why take on this burden when any technology partner worth your while will take care of this?

Skillset pool.

If you are the ‘in-house tech’ or you have 1 or 2 internal IT people, that’s it – that is your ‘technical muscle’.  Now compare that to an IT / Technology Company that has larger teams, invests in training and the latest tech and has years more experience.

Security & Compliance

Let an expert do the worrying. What would you do if your business fell foul of a cyber attack?  Do you know how to protect your data? How and where is your information backed up?  Does your data meet the latest regulations for GDPR?

High profile technical partners.  

Most IT companies have leverage over partners, vendors and suppliers. This, in turn, means better pricing and escalation of support for you and your business.


Technology may come at an initial cost,  but if your technology is implemented and managed by a specialist, this means you’re freed up to ensure you’re doing ‘better business’ and offering a better service to your clients.


I am assuming by this point you are sold on the need.  So how do you meet the need with speed and get your IT outsourced ASAP?  A good start is by following some of our top tips for finding the right partner.

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